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Dinerworld--May-June 2004

5.9.04 (yearly refrain)

today was our first official beach day. May is great for that, because we hit all the ones that are too expensive once the season begins, when New York shows up to clog Ocean Avenue for three months. they do this from Memorial Day to Labor Day, especially on the weekends, of course, and then they're gone. we could have a perfect May and perfect September, but they still never come unless they have to pay to get in. June, July, and August belong to summer people. but right now is the time to really enjoy it.

it wasn't all that warm, of course, but very sunny. i collected some wonderful little shells to send to a landlocked friend in Kansas, took a few pictures, lounged on the blanket for awhile. the kids did what kids always do at the beach; dug holes. they were happy, and so was i. you never want to leave until suddenly you realize that it's time to go, but then you make plans to get back there as soon as you can. we're going to have a picnic at another beach on Tuesday, when it will be a little hot

as we left, a middle-aged man with a surfboard was making his way down to the water. several families were flying kites. it was a quick zip home even though it's an 8 mile trip now, no sea of
barely-moving traffic, no police directing traffic; just a few cars, a little wind, and a beautiful sun beginning to descend in the sky.
here's something interesting about Long Branch from years ago, that natives talk about from time to time. even though we like it, and had a good time today, we never go to the beach there in the summer, because you pay per person. instead, we go to Sandy
, where i can get a season parking pass to put on my van.

5.11.04 we've been playing Iron Chef: Play-Doh this morning. it's so much fun. the kids make "delicious-looking" food creations, based on a common ingredient or theme. then i pretend to be that cute lil pretentious Japanese actress and comment on all the food, then judge the best overall grouping. one of them pretends to be Ota, the reporter from the floor, (Fukui-san!) and lets everyone know what's going on--"it appears that Chef Ben has added a blue garnish to his lemon trout soufflé..." sometimes it's really great to have a big family.

i got to thinking about how bad the lyrics are to I Got You, Babe, and found myself mentally rewriting them as the song played. i'm aware of how very, very sad that sounds. nevertheless, i felt compelled to share. it was this portion that particularly troubled me; the last two lines:

They say our love won't pay the rent
Before it's earned, our money's all been spent
I guess that's so, we don't have a pot
But at least I'm sure of all the things we got

heard aloud, it really makes no sense. you can't hear the comma between so and we. see what i'm saying here? so becomes a desired result, rather than a reluctant agreement. it should be something like:

maybe we don't have a cooking pot
but at least i'm sure of all the things we got.

so i know, maybe sucks as the first word in a line of a song. he could say baby but then the follow-up with "at least i'm sure of" would make even less sense than it does now.

that other Sonny and Cher song that i hear sometimes has a really dumb line in it, too. From And The Beat Goes On:

And men still keep
on marching off to war.
Electrically they keep a baseball score

that's some heavy philosophical thought, man.

here are a couple other weird ones:

Podunk, which is some sort of stand-up routine duet thingy, and Plastic Man, about the synthetic existence of a drug user. it sorta needs to be heard to be fully, eh, appreciated.


i truly have nothing witty, clever, inspiring or informative to say. so this space waits patiently until tomorrow.

however, i uploaded a page with last year's best poetry on it, here. there are only six of them, and they're not long, so indulge me!

6.16.04 Wow. Nobody lets me do this anymore. That sucks alot. So I declared today 100% laundry and website day, in order to justify? doing what I have had to put off for over a month. That is, talking about me and what I like. The mind is fractured, who knows where the synapses will lead, but come along, will you, on the ride I like to call Mer's World of Wonder. But first, just as an aside, and somewhat in homage to my friend Sergio who popped up in a dream I had the other night, I've just declared Luke Wilson this hour's God of ManWeek. There will be another one in a little while. I'm like that. For now, enjoy the tall, dark-haired, slightly quirky appeal of one of the foremost leading men of my heart. Mer's World of Wonder.