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the dualexcess days begin

transitive collection

(stop me if you think that you've...)

courting my thoughts
you beckon, easily
entrancing time
tumbling forward you're
kneading me weak
inhaling my sighs,
collapsing my will.

Gin and Tonic

emerald moon over juniper-infused sea
cloudless, luminous, bittersweet and pure

refracted sword pierces my lime
gin-peppered tongue sipping icy mirror
glistening crystal clear, yet
fogging my sight with cotton


the base is cracked upon which she stands,
they knew much of earthquakes in her ancient land
was it the wrath of gods and goddesses spurned;
their rare and precious gift returned?
did pygmalion watch in sadness or relief
as she slowly
hardened into stone?

now she is posed and waiting
through the centuries
to be sculpted back to life
she does not know that
in her own gracefully chiselled fingertips
she is already holding the knife

Fractured Synapses

1. Mercury Poisoning

you stole all my words
I gasp, swallow, silenced.
The hum remains
confused or shamed
involuntary response pattern
repeated ad infinitum

2. True North

is located between your shoulder blades
your smell is home.

The sun rises from the
hollow of your throat

an echo
taken from your lips
and swallowed.

3. Born of Air

holding a match and watching it burn
carefree as a moth dancing near a flame,
I have no wings to singe,
only a laughing heart and a lustful soul

circling haiku

cracklings underfoot
gather sage and tarragon
deepen evening's broth

shadow crosses plain
dryad takes a winter nap
dreaming of rebirth

willow blossoms drift
april breezes tickle earth
waking those at rest

fragrant petals yawn
lily moistens from within
nectar on my tongue