House season finale
Three sets of answers

DINAO Wednesday (ginger kid/former child star edition)

It's interesting to me that no matter how sort of very grotesque I think someone is, one or more of you can think of a reason why sleeping with them would actually be entertaining or even good for humanity.

I think that's pretty cool. And it also explains how some people get to procreate when you think, at first knowledge of them, that this might not be possible. 

Two scenarios this week. First, understand that I do actually love red hair. But there are times when it can be abused.

Someone already did the work for me, putting these two side by side:

Carrot Top or Danny Bonaduce?

Second, who would you choose from this list with whom you'd start repopulating post-apocalyptic society, and why? Death is not an option! And gender/sexuality doesn't count, because this is a game. Click here for more information about them.

Dustin Diamond
Gary Coleman
Leif Garrett
Maccauley Culkin
Ashley Olsen
Mary Kate Olsen
Butch Patrick
Danny Pintauro
Kristy MacNichol

Okay, I've replaced Todd Bridges with Gary Coleman, because they were on the same show, but while Bridges has distinguished himself, post-prison term, Coleman just has made a career out of going around being ill-tempered and whiny. If you already picked Todd Bridges, you can still have him, though.