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Death is not an option--monkey cousin edition

Taking a slightly different path this week.

Here are two men who have sometimes been considered sexy, handsome, and desirable. Personally, I have always thought of them both as chimp-like.

If you're a man of less-than-average height, I'm not necessarily looking down on you, literally or figuratively. :-) It's how you wear your height that determines whether anyone even considers that part of your personality. Some people wear their short stature well, others make the rest of us want to inject them with a heavy sedative.

But it's not only the height-personality aspect that I find unpleasant about these two characters, nor is it that they probably both secretly have their backs waxed. It's not as if anyone can really do much about their inherited genetic characteristics.

It's really that we can all think about how not to be so gosh-darned annoying, wearing out the public eye and its taste for celebrity antics, and yet some people have to have this explained to them, apparently, only no one bothered until it was too late. Nearly a year after the latest fuss about both these two has subsided, I still can't stand the sight of either one of them.

And they'll be back. People will pay $9.50 per ticket for the privilege of seeing them attempt to act larger than life, to prance around, troll-like, on a big movie screen, commiting acts of daring with villains and emotionally-scarred females alike. They will appear on magazine covers again, with headlines like "Does He Still Have It?" and "Recapturing Box-office Gold?" Frankly, I'd like to hope the answer is "no," as I loathe both studied sincerity and studied righteousness, but liking to hope and daring to hope are two very different operations.

I'm aware that there are people who find neither of these characters repulsive, who are happily looking forward to their next features, and who would happily entertain the idea of--entertaining one or the other or both in an intimate setting. We all have different ways of viewing life, and that's what keeps it interesting, they say. I'm looking forward to your answers, either way.

Oh--I got bored of women this week. If you have the need, pick one of those chain-smoking 94 pound celebutards, and tell me why I shouldn't mock you ruthlessly for your choice.