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Passing the buck, or on the level?

Death is not an option Wednesday: yes but no edition

I wanted a breath of fresh air, with people who are talented and amusing instead of tiresome and/or too weird to contemplate. I like both these guys, more and more as time passes.

Yet, no.

Both are Jewish actors, both have a really sly and smart sense of humor, and both are men I'd never want to sleep with. How about you?

You can see a Belzervision video here, and one featuring Henry Winkler here.

I really wanted to do Larry King with somebody. But I keep showing these really old guys, and also I couldn't decide on a suitable matchup. Consensus around here was that people would even take Jay Leno over him if it came down to it. So here's a bonus question:

You could save the world from aliens/terrorists/an asteroid by sleeping with Larry King. Would you?