Vox Hunt: Shake It
QotD: Just Five More Minutes...

Vox Hunt: Back In The Day

Show us a photo of you from when you were in grade school.

Here's me at 9, and 8, in school photos.

I don't know why someone didn't show me how to close my mouth over my teeth. They were so focused on getting me to smile, instead. Witlings. Anyway, I left the scan completely untouched--it's crooked because a careless kid did it for me. In the first picture, my mom had been sick with mononucleosis for many months--I think this is called glandular disease in Britain, something like that. Anyway, my dad cut my hair, badly, as you can see. Also, that top I'm wearing, (which we'd call a pinafore or jumper, completely different than either of those in Britain, again,) was one my mother made for me when I was 7. It was ankle length, made for a party. I wore it for several years, because I kept getting taller and taller, but no bigger around. In the 9 year-old photo, it was a short dress, and I wore it another year after that as a blouse-length smock. I just really liked it a lot.
The dress in the 8 year-old photo was also one of my favorites, and I believe it actually came to me used. It wasn't that I couldn't have new clothes; my mom was just very frugal, made many of my things, and wasn't averse to buying good pieces from thrift sales or consignment shops or whatever. I wore that dress with white clogs that had an ankle-strap.

I was always made fun of for my teeth. I had them straightened in my late teens, but they didn't stay straight. They're really unattractive now, difficult to care for, and I'm very unhappy about them. At least I know how to close my lips over them, though.