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Vox Hunt: Back In The Day

Vox Hunt: Shake It

Show us a Polaroid picture.

Some things to note, though. It has to be a url file name that ends in .jpg, .gif, or .png, so I don't think a Vox url will work. If you want to back up and do it again, you have to refresh the page. And set the angle to 0 degrees if you don't want a jaunty angle added to the picture. Then you, too, can recapture the glory of the days before digital technology rendered obsolete those poorly-exposed, soft-edged images bordered in white. Only better, because no Polaroid photo ever had as much clarity to it as this photo, shot with a medium-quality digital camera, using a night filter in bad lighting.

You can also do this with Photoshop, but my question is, why? I guess it's charming, or something. We still have a Polaroid camera around here somewhere, but the film has always been mad expensive.