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Death is not an option Wednesday: the carpet matches the drapes

I just felt like being gross.

I owe this week's matchup to ChickenGrrl. I'd mentioned one of these delicious fellows to her a couple of weeks ago, and she helpfully emailed me the perfect opponent, knowing I haven't had much time to think about these matters.

Since I didn't create the matchup entirely on my own, I'll go ahead and answer it, too. In a minute. You may have noticed I generally avoid doing that. :-)

Here are some videos of these two luscious redheads ripe for your plucking. And I do mean ripe, brother.

Here's Alan Kalter, doing what he does best; being really, really creepy.

And here's David Caruso, doing, well, the same thing.

The difference is that Kalter is funny, and Caruso is not. Also, Kalter varies his speech pattern and intonation. So he gets the nod from me over ol' One Expression David. Truthfully, anyone, nay, everyone, would. So it's not a fair match, to me, but I liked the parallel line.