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and another thing

I went ahead and started reading the 2003 archives, which is when the blog became an official blog. First of all, I was kind of a fun, youthful person! I'm so mad that I'm not anymore! But I've moved three times since then, and I think that wears a person out. We moved from Rumson at the beginning of 2004, to the home we thought we'd remain in. But then we had to move again only a little over two years later. And then another move, less than 18 months later, to the house we're in now.

I was 37 four houses ago. Now I am 42. I am so tired now, and I look ten years older. Seriously; I aged ten years in the past five. It's really most unfair. Blargh.

See, I want to get it all in order and start to reverse some of the aging process, if possible. I don't mean the maturing process; I'm good with that. I like getting older, mostly. But I don't like feeling older than I really am.