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it's the weirdest thing

I was searching for a file I might have uploaded somewhere, and found someone who'd taken my special name and plastered it all over the internet.

Why do I care, you ask?

Because there's no way she didn't rip it off of me.

She's waaay into sci-fi. I used that name most at a Buffy and Angel fan site, though it's also my ebay and amazon handle.

And, you know how I'm always saying nothing is unique?

Well, I'm pretty sure this was.

Until she stole it.

I mean, it sucked enough that Yahoo screwed up egroups all those years ago so that I couldn't be the merbelle that I was there since ever. Long story. I'm still merbelle many places, since 1996. But I don't mind too much now when the merbelle isn't me, because it's a simple name to have come up with.

But then I became the pedanticbohemian. Try popping that one out of the top of your head.

Sci-fi video fan girl pretends she did. But she didn't. And I'm not normally all controlly and whatnot about this sort of thing, but honestly. Why take something like that for your own? What does that say about you, pretend PedanticBohemian? It says you don't know how to create your own identity, that's what it says. Don't even tell me that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because sometimes it's the opposite of sincere.

Well, you can't have this. the real pedantic bohemian

There was a point at which I needed to let go of pebo, a bit, and so I became bibliosylph. Then I wanted a fresh start here, so I chose emily sears. They're all important aspects of me, you know. But the truth is, pedanticbohemian is most me, and I'm not giving it up to a thief.

All right, then. Carry on. I feel slightly better now.

Have you noticed?

It's MenWeek™ again.

This has not been as regular in my life as it once was. Age is starting to take its toll. And it's wintertime, so mostly MenWeek™ involves listening to a lot of Simple Minds and Depeche Mode, and looking at YouTube videos of men kissing. Also Chris Meloni in the shower, that sort of thing. 

But the thing about being fertile is that it does make the mind start spinning, creatively and intellectually. Does that work for everyone? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to.

Mostly, though, it just makes me moony for rakish hair and a Scottish accent.

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