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after six weeks

I had a lot of breathing trouble with the wet weather. I don't get enough oxygen, and then I'm super tired all the time. And so I was on hold, weight-wise, for about 6 weeks, but it started moving again in the past few days. I think it's also because I figured out I needed to increase protein. Still not having enough variety, but that's for a couple reasons that aren't entirely fixable just yet.

Here are numbers I posted 6 weeks ago:

I started the year at 142 pounds. Currently, I am just above 128. I would like to weigh around 122-123. That is where I feel my best, though it's been 2.5 years since I was there. 

At the beginnning of the challenge, the measurements I took were as follows:

hips: 40 inches
abdomen: 36 inches
waist: 30 inches

After the 12 weeks,

hips: 38 inches
abdomen: 34 inches
waist: 27 inches

This week:

hips: 37.5 inches
abdomen: 33 inches
waist: 27 inches.

So today I weigh 125, hips 37 (a problem area for me is just below there,) abdomen 32, waist 27. My brown striped dress fits better, and my jeans are too big. Here's the thing. I'm still about 5% too high on the fat meter. Obviously, losing 3 pounds through sugar reduction and vigorous walking isn't going to make any part of me toned. But I'm losing 3 more pounds anyway, over the next 6 weeks or less. And starting around July 7, I'm going to make getting really toned and strong the priority. I am not likely to add muscle weight, but if I do, that's certainly fine by me. Just no more extra fat; I want to get to 22% and stay there, or even drop a bit if I get in really good shape. For my age, going below 20% isn't really necessary, but I don't want to add any more for a good long time.

There's no reason I couldn't get the belly down to more like 30, if I really work at it. And I can take an inch off my waist, probably. But that's for then. I got a trip to take this week, and a busy few days after that. I'm not stressing about food or weightlifting until that's all past.

I am back to my "me" bra size; 34C. I lost a bit of fat off my back, and that's a nice thing; it really feels better.

crunch time, sort of

I haven't been doing very well. Besides being so depressed, there keeps being this "celebratory" food around me, and although I don't exactly overindulge, because I've never enjoyed doing that, it's been mostly the wrong things, for the sake of convenience. I have gained a pound, for the first time since starting to reduce 6 months ago. I still want to weigh 5 pounds less than I do now when I go to my reunion on the 28th. I actually think that is doable if I can stay cool enough to exercise more, because it's again one of these sets of 5 pounds that is made purely of nutritional excess. But the weather has still been my main excuse. Yes, it went straight from being too damp and constantly causing asthma breathing and coughing, to an extreme heat wave. At least I can breathe better though, so if I can keep from overheating (mainly by just staying indoors!,) I can do much more than I was. And we're supposed to have normal summer temperatures in a couple of days. 

I really need to eat more salad, but it seems I enjoy that much less than I used to. In fact, I haven't enjoyed food all that much lately; I mean, I'm in one of these moods where nothing really sounds or seems good. So I probably haven't eaten enough variety. I've never been one of these people who likes to plan the daily diet, but I think I will for a few days, to make sure all the food groups are covered. When I was blogging what I ate every day, it made me paranoid, but if I make a plan, I can share it here either before or after I proceed.