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QotD: iPad

Apple unveiled their new tablet computer, the iPad, yesterday. Will you be dishing out $499 for this much-anticipated gadget?

I can see desiring the 32gb one with 3G, which will be retailing for $729. For the way I use internet technology, it would be very useful and enjoyable to carry about. I don't have an iPhone, but have been wishing to take advantage of some of the features of one. However, the small size is prohibitive for me, and I rarely use the phone itself, so this would have all the features I'd like, with the addition of an ebook reader and a keyboard and screen size I could really enjoy. 

The Powerbook I use was bought second hand last summer for 400 dollars. And we got the kids a super cool almost new iMac last week for $849 from Apple, which includes the one year warranty and the opportunity to purchase Apple Care. So "dishing out" for a new product like this is something I wouldn't do unless some random money fell in my lap. But I would if I could.