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I mean, really random. In a sharey mood, you see. 

Here is a tiny section of the West Windsor (Princeton) Wegman's British food section. The one in Ocean is much larger, maybe more British people live over there. This one takes up one half of one side of an aisle, mixed in with some Eastern European stuff. 
I just thought the juxtaposition was sort of funny. Those are Curry Beans, next to the puddings. 

Here are some tea bags from a big pot of tea I made earlier, then sweetened slightly with agave syrup. 

And here's a martini made with Bombay Sapphire gin. It is very crisp this way. I like it, but will be glad to get back to a bottle of Hendrick's or Junipero. Or Martin Miller if I could ever find it around here. 

As usual, click through to see full-sized; 1600x1200 but the resolution isn't very good.