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two songs for my dad

Today is his 78th birthday. Well, I always wonder if that's how you say it. It's the anniversary of his birth, but somehow, since he died 7 months ago, calling it his birthday feels a bit hollow. 

Anyway. He used to say he wanted a certain song played at his funeral. In the end, there was a memorial gathering of his friends, not so much a funeral. I wasn't there and have no idea if music was played. So here it is:
Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In
Okay there's actually a cooler and shorter version here, but it was not embeddable. 

And then this, which I think is apt as well, maybe even more so, in later, mellower years. (Not I Love Paris)
Louis Amstrong - La Vie En Rose
Cheers, Dad, wherever your spirit has flown, settled, or dispersed.
 (And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...)