delayed pleasure
you're all witnesses now, okay?

community garden waiting room

I planted a few things in these buckets in case they get their stuff together down at the township so we can use our community garden plot. There are four tomato plants; two Rutgers and two Early Girls, two Poblano peppers, and three artichokes. And some leeks, all in a mess until I see what I get to do with them. 

If and when the community garden opens, what else gets planted will simply depend on how far along we are in the season. Late in the summer I'll put in some more greens like I have in my backyard garden, otherwise, I dunno. Maybe some bean plants that are already well-progressed or something—if it's just in the next couple of weeks, that will be easy to do. 

Aaron has six red cabbage plants waiting, Livvy has a Roma tomato plant and two banana peppers. So we'll just see what happens, I guess. 

There are several other new pictures posted in my library. :-) The Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and some of the herbs are taking off very well so far.