beauty unfolding
community garden waiting room

delayed pleasure

is not something you can decide is a good thing in advance. Maybe it'll turn out to be a good thing, but right now? Dunno. 

I signed up for a community garden plot last month. They still haven't marked out the sections for this year. I think it has to do with major township budget cuts. There are 139 plots; some people have two, but you can reckon a good 100+ gardeners are anxious to get started, and are miffed there'll be no peas later this spring. 
I'd planned to share the entire process with you here, from dirt to food. But so far there's nothing to share but a big brown patch where the farmer has turned up the ground with his tractor. Two trash cans in the front next to an area that will eventually become a mulch pile, and a water pump down over to the left near a seemingly-to-me random information stand, like the kind you see at the entrance to nature parks. You can picture all that for yourself. 
Two more things to note: yesterday I went to Princeton Record Exchange for the first time in several months, as I had a few dollars in my pocket. It was Record Store Day, as it turns out, and the place was packed! So I didn't get to look through the stacks with as much pleasure as I have in the past; I'll have to go back sometime soon. I satisfied only one side of my brain with the following $1 purchases: 
The Van Halen is for my oldest son, and A Chorus Line for one of my daughters. 
Finally, I've been working on my other Vox blog, not the poetry one I can no longer access and that Vox won't answer any letters about, the other other one. I've put my cookbook posts there, and will add more, plus recipes and photos of things I actually make myself. It's slow-going (and I've lost 3 important pictures!) but giving me something to do while waiting for things to share here in a more personal sense. It's the two halves of brain thing, or a Gemini thing, or something like that. 
One of my posts there was featured this week in the [culture is good] section, how neat is that?