you're all witnesses now, okay?
garden scent orgy

this will always bear repeating

Close your eyes and listen. No, I mean it. Close them. 

In other news, there is very little news. I think about so many subjects I'd like to address, and muse over them during the endless drives to and from South Jersey homeschool baseball, then find myself too tired to actually key them in. I'm still reading the Christies, up to The Patriotic Murders, but don't know when I'll get back to posting in depth about them. Or anything else. 

I will say, on that point, that I still dislike Death on the Nile, and that it took me days to get through Murder is Easy, with Miss Wayneflete and Wonky Poo. I think a screen adaptation of that one ruined it a bit for me. Well, I say that, but have just recorded the latest version of it starring the new Miss Marple, Julia McKenzie. It might be good, OR IT MIGHT BE WEIRD SINCE SHE'S NOT IN THE BOOK. 

Today I read Sad Cypress, though, and still like that one very much. I've never seen a Poirot of it, but surely there must be one. I suppose Google knows. Anyway, I want to write about some of the issues that are presented differently before and after the War, so that'll be in just a few more books. 

No news about the garden plots, but I'm going to pop over there before the Little League game tomorrow to see if they've started staking. We had two days of rain, so today was probably set aside for drying out. 

Finally, a bit of randomness to conclude this post of nothingness, here is a fine picture of one of my old loves, Joseph Cotten. I love his long legs, crowded into the cab between two tough guys. 

Oh! Actually finally. Don't you just love the Eleventh Doctor? But I'm not cool with American TV dismissing Ten as Something Inferior Which Came Before. Poseurs.