Yes, yes, I've just been tired.
chicken soup: a slightly blurred pictorial

I need a new hoe

Here are some pictures of my green beans, which are happily growing in the coldish rain this week. They are 1200x900 if you click through to view them full-sized.

But first, I mean, yes. It's funny in the not-at-all sense of the word, that the end of my hoe wants to fly off when I use it. This seems very dangerous, so I'm going to get a new one this weekend. And then hoeing will recommence. 

I mentioned we've had a cold spell this week. Each evening since Saturday I've been covering my tomato plants with 5 gallon buckets, then giving them some air in the afternoon, putting them back for the next night. Since the garden is a 7 minute drive from here, it sort of chops up some time, but not that much. Today we just took them off, had a look, and put them right back on again. But I will leave the buckets off either tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. The likelihood of it being this cold again is just about zero. 

Other people have not been covering their tomato plants with buckets. That's okay; either mine will retain more fullness than theirs, or no harm will have been done either way. I love tomatoes too much to take any risk with them.