Those "where were you when...?" moments
Merry Christmas from my dog and Lou Rawls

Christmas wish list—now greedily updated and expanded!

I make one every year, though I never show anybody except the web.

Nero Wolfe: The Complete Classic Whodunit Series

La Bella Lingua by Dianne Hales

Crosley iSolo

The Financial Lives of the Poets by Jess Walter

new iPod earbuds

2011 wall calendar

new canvas, paint, etc.

ummm...I could think of more things.

I'd like a new cardigan. I prefer zippers to buttons, and it can't be too oppressive or too baggy. And I'd like a new computer, but not smaller; I think it's weird that the MacAirs are so small. I would like to go up to 17 inches, not down to 13. On the other hand, I would find an iPad very useful, or I would find a Nook rather useful.

I'd enjoy a new camera. Mine's pretty much outdated and outmoded at this point.

I'd like to have my car detailed and to finally have the XM radio installed. I could have had Sirius put in when we got it, but we already had XM, so I've been using a noisy external unit all this time.

Probably I'll end up getting several of the less expensive things for myself over the next year, however, gifts are still fun to think about.