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Moving update

We found our house, roughly 15 miles east of the city center, but still with a Cincinnati address, which for me means the choice of two library systems, because the trees behind our house, apparently, are on the border between two counties. I call that interesting, but haven't found out so far if there are advantages or disadvantages to it. Well, except the two library system thing, which certainly seems like an advantage. We can join the Cincinnati library system, and the Clermont County one.



Also interesting, the most efficient path into the city takes you first across the river into Kentucky, then back over the river to Ohio again. It's funny; most of New Jersey seems crowded and the roads are always busy, but I've rarely driven in what I'd call city traffic since leaving Kansas City 17 years ago. Oh, boy!

There's a bowling alley only a couple of miles away with a reputation for being very clean and well-run. So I'm excited about that because it's how I used to keep in shape, only the one near us here is not nice, plus costs too much. This being New Jersey, everything costs too much except car fuel. I'll miss New Jersey, but I will appreciate paying less for everything. Except car fuel, which will cost more and require me to put it in myself! 

A decade ago I'd have been immensely excited about the pool. At this point, I'm mildly pleased; the boys will love it, and I won't have to do all that much maintenance myself, as I did a few years ago at the house we rented before moving to this current one. So, yay, water. But there is also an outdoor jacuzzi in a gazebo on the deck. A decade ago I'd have been rather pleased about that, but I am less certain about it now. It's kind of expensive to fire those things up and use them. I'd have been more excited about an indoor one, as a sort of back therapy. But it'll be sort of cool to try out, anyway. 

Maybe it's just the birthday looming, or all the work ahead in the next few weeks, and all the change, newness, gains and losses: I feel very middle-aged just at the moment. 


a tiny garden project

It's been such a crummy week, I don't even. 

But I got to do this little makeover. 

First, there's no true before picture, but there were two bushes that had grown together, with a twisted little shrub stuck into them, near a pretty butterfly bush. So I spent an afternoon digging up the miserable little shrub, and turning the bush wilderness back into two small bushes again. Then the guy I'm doing this for bought three little salvia plants and asked me to put them in, so then it looked like this:

So then I worked on it some more this week between gigundous bouts of rain, and now it looks like this, only better, because these aren't very good pictures at all.

Next there is a little garden I will be finishing at the back of the house. I cleaned it up last year while his wife Lisa, now deceased, watched and chatted with me. But it still needs some work to look prettier and be easier to maintain in the future.

Bon Mots

I was thinking about mottos I hold, or sort of hold. Motto comes from "mot," which is word, and bon mots are witticisms, but the phrase literally means good words. And that's as far as we go down that path, because I'm not in the research/thinking mode.

Anyway. I wrote a few down, and realized something about them:

wherever you are, whenever you are, be all there

now is now, and now is all there is

time is not a rigid construct

time exists so that everything doesn't happen all at once

Yeah, they're all related to time. Time, and more specifically, time-space, fascinates me. But I don't have time for my brain to go very deep right now. So I'm doing daily updates at http://disordinati.tumblr.com, and my plan is to update this blog every week on Saturdays, the cooking one on Sundays, and http://liliales.tumblr.com on Friday nights. That's enough to be going on with, right?

Back to closet organization. I can't be having packers come in here in a few weeks and fill an "upper shelf" box which contains three stuffed lions, a mini-voodoo kit, a cycling helmet, two purses, my old viola, two winter hats, and a handful of votive candles. Eventually, I'd have to open it again.

Deep Thought

Sorry I haven't replied to you, essaress. I'm so distracted lately, flitting around. I will, though, because it's important.

But for now, it's now official; we're moving to Cincinnati, Ohio in 8 weeks. I'm so unhappy to leave New Jersey after only 11 years here, I cannot even speak of it. I am also unhappy that it is a move back to the midwest, and also a move to the same temperatures, with more extreme weather. 

If I wanted to move *in* New Jersey, I'd choose Long Beach Island. Otherwise, a forced move, I'd choose a temperate area of the west coast, I suppose. I need better weather. Not gonna get it. 


When I get all filled up with emotion, the words all burst apart in my head. I cannot write them down. I write of shallow silliness, sensuality, and very occasionally tempered anger. I can't speak or write such heaviness as this. I don't even like talking about my real life in my blog. Real life is for living. And heaviness is not enjoyable to read or write. 

I was the most optimistic person you could meet, once upon a time. That's all still in there somewhere, coated over with a thick veneer of disappointment, illness, broken promises. If it wasn't, I'd never have any reason at all to get up in the morning. But it's hard to grab onto and apply to anything. Maybe it'll be better after we choose a house. Probably. Empty houses, freshly cleaned for new occupants, are always big containers ready to be filled with just anything at all, really. 

My girls will stay here in New Jersey. That's a wild thing to contemplate, so I won't be doing that just now. Our new house will have fewer people in it than it has had in 17 years. It's an immense change among immense changes.

Cincinnati is a fine city. We are fortunate to have the opportunities we're being given. I don't begrudge that, even if I felt it was okay to do so. But it is in a different country. I know this intimately. I grew up in Missouri, traveled all around the midwest, spent several years in Michigan before coming here. My boys will probably fit into that country very well. I never expected to have to live in it again, though. 

Goodbye, Atlantic Ocean, New York, Philadelphia, our country's founding history. Hello, garage big enough for two trucks and a boat, wide open sunsets, liquor aisles in the pharmacy. 

What a country! 


Picnicking in left field

Sometimes I am the only one in my audience of few who would laugh at my jokes. That's okay. But I felt like sharing this anyway. Maybe someone will get a kick out of it. My Fair Lady is on TV, and just the other day I was reviewing these little pictures I did for a TWoP Pixel Challenge about five years ago. I think it was called HoYay! the Musical. Which is to say, imagine TV characters in a homoerotic musical setting. 







5 tweets' worth at once

5 tweets on this subject, and no more at all.

Public celebration of Osama bin Laden's death may certainly be tasteless and short-sighted. But I'm equally turned off by breathlessly self-righteous and naive kindergarten political rhetoric as a response. Fortunately, most people fall into neither category and are sensibly revealing their thoughts on this subject in more carefully measured doses.

Anyway, get back to me when Americans can walk through an airport gate without removing their shoes, while carrying a toiletry bag containing actual toiletries. Cleaning my attic is consuming all my mental energy for now.