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1966: Emerging Technology & the Art of Corporate Apology

I love when I can find relevance in the recent past to something I’m interested in currently.

Before electronic banking and debiting:

Before digitally streaming audio/video:

Before Reed Hastings’ Monday morning email:

Note that Renault is still fairly passive-aggressive in their language and tone. It’s all, “You funny Americans.” But it’s still a real apology, with corporate accountability, and notation of steps taken and goals to be met.

I'll buy

Schoolwork is keeping me from the scanner just now, but I had to share this. He may not be advertising anything, but he sure makes you think you’d buy whatever he was selling…

Music in the background while browsing Amazon

You see, because I'm not 14 or 74, I don't spend a great deal of time in shopping malls. I wouldn't know Adele if she bit me. I honestly don't know much about Alec Baldwin, who said this earlier? But I do know Dino...



And I know who I think would go down easier.

Just kidding, movie dude. Love your TCM thing with Robert Osborne.