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Oh, shoes

I suppose you'd never know looking at this that I spend most of my time barefoot...


It might have been a year since I did my semi-annual shoe inventory post. :-) I feel less alive here in the middle. But I'm trying. 

Here I have 16 pairs of shoes and boots, plus my rain/garden boots. The oldest pair, the Converse sneakers, are about 8 years old. The newest pairs are the low-heeled brown oxfords and black platform oxfords, which I bought yesterday. The most expensive pair is the tall black boots, for $140, and the least expensive were the mid-heeled buckle pumps, for $7. 

This season, the shoes I wear most often are the grey suede slip-ons in the front, and the tall black boots. None of them really need retiring, though the black high heels (back row, second from right) are not quite the thing, but to fill out the wardrobe I'd have a pair of plain black pumps with 2.5 inch heels, only I can never find any I like for a price I wish to pay, and a pair of mid-high heel casual sandals. The styles are so appalling right now, though, so it's possible I won't bother, unless things change a lot by springtime. 

People here in Cincinnati appear to wear a lot less black clothing than back home in New Jersey. And yesterday while shopping I saw that resort colors, block prints, and colored jeans are the thing for spring. I can get with that, but the current shoe styles are going to have to improve to match.  


Cause I Want More


I think the fierce wind here is a good sign. Is it blowing something away, or ushering something in? Both, perhaps. As it does.

Screen Shot 2011-12-31 at 3.10.22 PM
I didn't like last year. I doubt if I like this one so far, after all, they're really exactly the same thing, aren't they? But dividing points, Mr. Last Night Pedant, are good for us because we can stop and say, from time to time, "Let's have no more of that." And, of course, being able to hug some things to ourselves in order to seal them in. 

So, I figure I can name 7 good things about 2011. Here are 6 of them. 

1. my swimming pool

2. Jungle Jim's

3. working on poetry again

4. my new camera

5. two fun book series discoveries:

    Aimée Leduc Investigations by Cara Black

    Gaslight Mysteries by Victoria Thompson

6. bowling regularly again

Mer & Ben bowling 12

7? Well, it's fun to have just a bit of mystery in life, isn't it?


Happy 2012...