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liliales birthday countdown: 1966

liliales birthday countdown: 1965

Chapter One: I Am Born

I'm in love with the year I was born. It straddles two eras, as do I, and was filled with creativity and am I.

Wait! Let's back up. In order to properly glorify every facet of my being, it's important to look at what was going on the week I was conceived. (I was born on my due date. I like to be on time.)

Goldfinger starring Sean Connery was released in UK theaters. 

"The House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals was at the top of the Billboard chart

Bewitched premiered on American television :

And then I came along 9 months later. Legend has it I was never meant to be born. My mother was told not to become pregnant again after a difficult miscarriage the year before. When I was born by Caesarian section, uncommon in those days, my father was asked, "Which one do we save?" and I was laid aside while emergency procedures were applied to my mother, who had two little boys at home to care for. It is due to the administrations of an off-duty nurse who happened by that I am here now, Dear Reader, typing this to you.