liliales birthday countdown: 2011
in my prime: blogging in my new year

Hold on fast

For the past year and, oh, two months, I've talked a lot about aging here. Watching a few iconic celebrities pass away, watching my own life take on a different sort of energy as I grow older. And thinking about who I'd talk to if I could go back in time. What would I say now, that I didn't know to say then? 

Thank you for enhancing my life. 

Here are twelve famous people "of a certain age" I'd thank personally if I could, for offering joy and some kind of meaning to my childhood. That era seems to be fading, and honestly, it seems there'll never be another quite like it. That can be said of any era, probably, but this one was mine, and it was a new world, or on the precipice of one. Will today's stars shine so brightly in forty years? 

Most of these videos have or are related to other people I'd like to call attention to. 

James Garner: my first love

Julie Andrews: my first "ideal"

Carol Burnett: the funniest lady ever

Mary Tyler Moore: the one I always wanted to be (with Dick Van Dyke, who also belongs on this list.)


Bill Cosby: I listened to his records over and over again. And this clip isn't funny, but it really is.

Tom Jones: I never knew how much I appreciated this guy, but looking back, I see I always have. He and Gladys Knight, classics for my era.
Gladys Knight: beauty, class, grace, talent.

Herb Albert: Is it okay to say he was "accessible" for me? And loving him led to loving a lot of other music. That cannot be overstated.

Diana Ross: sometimes I wanted to be her, too. 

Neil Diamond: we have him to thank for so much good music. And I can probably finally admit I always had a crush on him.

Gene Wilder: A  treasure of sparkling wit. 

 Thank you for enhancing my life.