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agenda of randomosity

Okay, first, Anna. If you're reading this could you tell some people that Facebook and I are in a really clunky turf war at the moment, and I'm just gonna deal with it or go all Richard III on the thing when I get back home next week? I guess you can see my little list. There are the ones you know, plus my cousin I never really talk with, so that doesn't really matter, and Guiseppe, William, and Andrew, who are pretty much the only people I do the thing for. Well, and two dear old friends, but anyway. 

I'm going to be out of town for a few days and really don't feel like bothering with it right now. 

Next, through one of those odd chains of events that occur online sometime, I ran across this "recipe" at Mr. and Mrs. Josh Duggar's website. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 5.34.30 PM

There's so much I could say about this, but I won't. I just want to know if it's food anyone reading this would make and enjoy. I get that people do eat this sort of thing. But it's "famous." Really?

I'm trying, off the top of my head, to think how I would concoct the same dish, in general, so...okay. You could season and roast two whole breasts, then tear up the meat and save the bones for stock. This would be for a dish to feed 8 people or so. Make 4 cups of white sauce in a pan that started with sauteed onions, green peppers, maybe garlic, maybe not.  You could add diced carrots or peas, I think, or broccoli. Up to 2 cups of that stuff, if you wanted to get all crazy and food-groupy. Then stir in the chicken. 

I'm having a hard time with the noodle part. Maybe ziti or rotini. Cook a box of that, to almost done. Stir that in. After it's in the baking pan, or probably two, I'd then top it with some mild cheese (I mean, I probably wouldn't, but that's beside the point,) and some thinly sliced tomatoes. Or just do the tomatoes, and then sprinkle parmesan cheese over them. A half cup would do...

Here's what Shuffle treated me to this night, from the main list of about 7000 songs, about 13% of which are by Frank Sinatra, by the way. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 11.31.41 PM

Kinda weird, and not altogether representative of what I'd put together. And with roughly ten Cure albums, two from the same one? Okay. But it's always interesting to see what comes up. 

musically auspicious...birthday tribute/G+ writing challenge pt 1

You can read this without the beginning, but if you wanna read the beginning, it's the first segment here. (it's 1395 words, but one of my favorite pieces of writing.) And tomorrow, or maybe, um, well, soon, there's a bit more to come. 

Jack came around the counter then and sat down. "Tommy, Vinny probably didn't tell you the coolest thing of all about Tom Jones."

Vinny looked puzzled. "You got me there, Jack."

"Well, do you know his birthday? June 7. Dean Martin could be Tom Jones' dad, but they were born on the same day, at least."

"I never did know that, Jack. Got any more, born on that day?"

"Actually, I know of two. The actor Liam Neeson and…" Jack hesitated. "Another singer, as a matter of fact."

"Who is it?" demanded Tommy, "Julie London? She's a good one."

Jack laughed. "No, not quite. It's Prince." He watched as Vinny and Tommy worked out who he meant.

Vinny spoke first. "You mean that little guy, sang all them dirty songs back in the 80s? He was born on Dean Martin's birthday?" 

Tommy laughed. "I remember, "Little Red Corvette." Yeah, that guy, he's really sharp. I don't know if I woulda said he's cool like Dino, though."

"Or Tom Jones?" Jack mused. "Tom Jones sang a Prince song, as a matter of fact. So that's something."

Vinny stared at him. "Tom Jones sang what, one of the dirty ones? You're kidding."

"He did." Jack said, "Let me go get my phone, I'll show you." He stood up and headed for the counter.

Tommy asked Vinny, "What does he mean, he'll show you? How's he gonna do that with the phone?"

"His cell phone, Tommy. Don't you know anything? His phone is smart. Smarter than you, I guess. It's got the internet on it." 

Jack returned, and the three of them huddled around his phone as he called up a YouTube video of Tom Jones singing the Prince hit, "Kiss." Vinny and Tommy stared, open-mouthed, and watched the whole thing without speaking. 


Then Vinny said, "Well, that was back before he got old, anyway." He shook his head. "I don't know what else to say."

"It wasn't 'Delilah,' that's for sure," Tommy muttered. "Hey, can you get Dean Martin on this thing?"

Vinny rolled his eyes. "It's the internet, Tommy. And it's Jack. He's probably already got it saved on there someplace, right Jack?"

"Righto, Vinnarino."

"Don't call me that."

"Okay. Here. You'll like this." Jack pressed play, and they all leaned in again. 


"That's good stuff there," Tommy said. 

Vinny and Jack nodded. "Yeah," they both said. 

All three sat quietly for a moment, then Tommy said, "You get porn on that thing?" 

Vinny clipped him on the ear and asked, "What's the matter with you, Tommy?"

Jack just shook his head and laughed, heading back to work as the two old men started arguing again. 


in my prime: blogging in my new year


Get it? Get it? Because I'm 47

I received this pig yesterday for my birthday. I have named him Cornwall.

12 - 1 (1)
It's because I was going to name him Bert, but then thought better of it. 

I'm going to write in this blog several days a week this summer. And I'm going to share it to Twitter, Google +, and even Facebook. That might seem rude, but it isn't. I'm just asking you to look in now and then, even if you don't let me know you're here. I have friends in all three places, unwilling to let their streams cross for one reason or another, and so you can all visit me here on my own playground. :-)

There is no theme; there never was a theme. Well, the theme is, and has always been, how I see things, but not in any concrete sense, of course. This is my tenth year of keeping an online journal, and I look back on myself like a mother having watched a child grow up. I suppose "maturing" was the right word up to this point. It might be that I'm leveling out in that respect, finally. This is the era for unifying wisdom and experience, and for reflecting on it, while not losing sight of the ability to continue moving forward gaining still more wisdom and experience. 

But to be very serious about that wouldn't be any fun at all, would it?

This year, some of my goals are:

  • collect a few romance books about nurses
  • write a short science fiction story
  • see Lake Michigan again (on the sunset side)
  • grow a lime tree in my breakfast room

The sky's the limit, you know. 

There might be another post later, as I have a little story to write. I hope you won't feel oppressed by two links in one day...

Hold on fast

For the past year and, oh, two months, I've talked a lot about aging here. Watching a few iconic celebrities pass away, watching my own life take on a different sort of energy as I grow older. And thinking about who I'd talk to if I could go back in time. What would I say now, that I didn't know to say then? 

Thank you for enhancing my life. 

Here are twelve famous people "of a certain age" I'd thank personally if I could, for offering joy and some kind of meaning to my childhood. That era seems to be fading, and honestly, it seems there'll never be another quite like it. That can be said of any era, probably, but this one was mine, and it was a new world, or on the precipice of one. Will today's stars shine so brightly in forty years? 

Most of these videos have or are related to other people I'd like to call attention to. 

James Garner: my first love

Julie Andrews: my first "ideal"

Carol Burnett: the funniest lady ever

Mary Tyler Moore: the one I always wanted to be (with Dick Van Dyke, who also belongs on this list.)


Bill Cosby: I listened to his records over and over again. And this clip isn't funny, but it really is.

Tom Jones: I never knew how much I appreciated this guy, but looking back, I see I always have. He and Gladys Knight, classics for my era.
Gladys Knight: beauty, class, grace, talent.

Herb Albert: Is it okay to say he was "accessible" for me? And loving him led to loving a lot of other music. That cannot be overstated.

Diana Ross: sometimes I wanted to be her, too. 

Neil Diamond: we have him to thank for so much good music. And I can probably finally admit I always had a crush on him.

Gene Wilder: A  treasure of sparkling wit. 

 Thank you for enhancing my life. 

liliales birthday countdown: 2011

So here it is, the final day before I mark a new trip around the sun. Last year felt just awful, most of it. I won't dwell on that. I was worried I might not recover, but it's kind of how things were before; always a certain percentage recovers. The percentage is a bit lower each time, so I'm a bit internally maimed at this point, but, as I am a sort of stellar human being, what's left can still be concentrated into its own awesomeness.

Back in the midwest, a region I was happy just driving through once or twice a year. But we get to live in a big house that all works well, and I get to garden in a big yard with a swimming pool in it. Last year was all about turning it into a home. 

I wrote several good essays last year, reflecting on aging and a few other things. They're not edited or perfect; just good and, I believe, interesting thoughts. Varying lengths. 

We define sexy

The same in any era

Last year's birthday post (probably my favorite of this list)

Like if it was Bill Holden, is what I'm really saying

A long thing about Twitter, with random photos added. Oddly, after such a short time, much of it would apply to Google+.

My first long bit of blather about Bill Holden

image from liliales.typepad.com
image from liliales.typepad.com



liliales birthday countdown: 2010

In 2010, I got a plot in the community garden. It is like an allotment, if you are familiar with those, in that you have a (20 ft x 20 ft) space with which you can do pretty much whatever you like, as long as you don't use unnatural pest sprays or fertilizers, etc.. But it's unlike an allotment in that you have it for only six months, then they plow it all under and you have to start completely over the following April. Previous gardeners do have first right of refusal, so you can keep the same plot for years, if you like.

I got to the town hall before anyone else to sign up for the newly freed spots, but didn't know how it all worked, so I didn't go inside until a few others had arrived. Still, I got to choose my spot, and it was a great one

People thought the way I planned it out was unusual, though I'm not sure why. And anyway, it was a patch that had been well-worked and well-loved, and everything grew beautifully, even artichoke plants. I have lots of posts on here showing off my progress and harvests. And there are some lovely photos of the wild beauty I managed to create—foster?—here.

The garden was 3 miles away, and I didn't much enjoy the drive to and from it; it was the kind of 3 miles that takes 20 minutes, but it was still grand. 

People on Google+ like to talk about being geeks or nerds. This decade, that's the thing to be. I don't label myself anything except maybe "dilettante." But if you know me from G+ you might get a kick out of my 2010 Holodeck update. (The Men of My Holodeck Fantasies; a thing I've been carrying on about for nearly a decade.)

But this is the post I most want you to read. What I see, what I know is there. It's short. And still meaningful to me. 

liliales birthday countdown: 2009 part two

It isn't all I remember. 

When my baby son turned 11, I took him for a checkup, and to get his immunization boosters. I made appointments for my other two sons, as theirs had gotten behind, and they needed boosters, as well. 

But we never went because me, the man, my oldest brother from Canada, and my two younger daughters went on a road trip to Kansas City in the middle of August to see my dad one last time before he died, which was about two weeks later. 

Let's be tao about this. Another good memory I left out was that in early spring, those two girls and I drove to Pittsburgh to check out the sites and attend a Morrissey concert. We had a great time. I hoped to make these trips an annual event but they got busy with their lives and jobs, so. 

Soon I'm taking a road trip with my middle son to visit them. Life is funny this way. 

liliales birthday countdown: 2009 part one

If you have time to read the three blog posts at these links, I feel certain you'll enjoy them. 

My new name

Always looking back

Always looking back, part two

I don't remember 2009 very well, to be honest. We went to Assateague Island for a camping trip. I made a slide show of that and put it on YouTube. And the man and I visited the Shenandoah Mountains, which was awesome. I would like to spend much more time there. We visited Monticello, as well, which I very much enjoyed. 

I don't know why the slideshows are not as high a quality as they were when they were first uploaded. That's a bummer.

Also that year, I had a calendar of buildings in New York, and I tried to take a family member each month to see the featured one

That's all I remember. 

Here are some sweet photos from this week, 3 years ago.