liliales birthday countdown: 2008
liliales birthday countdown: 2009 part two

liliales birthday countdown: 2009 part one

If you have time to read the three blog posts at these links, I feel certain you'll enjoy them. 

My new name

Always looking back

Always looking back, part two

I don't remember 2009 very well, to be honest. We went to Assateague Island for a camping trip. I made a slide show of that and put it on YouTube. And the man and I visited the Shenandoah Mountains, which was awesome. I would like to spend much more time there. We visited Monticello, as well, which I very much enjoyed. 

I don't know why the slideshows are not as high a quality as they were when they were first uploaded. That's a bummer.

Also that year, I had a calendar of buildings in New York, and I tried to take a family member each month to see the featured one

That's all I remember. 

Here are some sweet photos from this week, 3 years ago.