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liliales birthday countdown: 2009 part two

It isn't all I remember. 

When my baby son turned 11, I took him for a checkup, and to get his immunization boosters. I made appointments for my other two sons, as theirs had gotten behind, and they needed boosters, as well. 

But we never went because me, the man, my oldest brother from Canada, and my two younger daughters went on a road trip to Kansas City in the middle of August to see my dad one last time before he died, which was about two weeks later. 

Let's be tao about this. Another good memory I left out was that in early spring, those two girls and I drove to Pittsburgh to check out the sites and attend a Morrissey concert. We had a great time. I hoped to make these trips an annual event but they got busy with their lives and jobs, so. 

Soon I'm taking a road trip with my middle son to visit them. Life is funny this way.