liliales birthday countdown: 2010
Hold on fast

liliales birthday countdown: 2011

So here it is, the final day before I mark a new trip around the sun. Last year felt just awful, most of it. I won't dwell on that. I was worried I might not recover, but it's kind of how things were before; always a certain percentage recovers. The percentage is a bit lower each time, so I'm a bit internally maimed at this point, but, as I am a sort of stellar human being, what's left can still be concentrated into its own awesomeness.

Back in the midwest, a region I was happy just driving through once or twice a year. But we get to live in a big house that all works well, and I get to garden in a big yard with a swimming pool in it. Last year was all about turning it into a home. 

I wrote several good essays last year, reflecting on aging and a few other things. They're not edited or perfect; just good and, I believe, interesting thoughts. Varying lengths. 

We define sexy

The same in any era

Last year's birthday post (probably my favorite of this list)

Like if it was Bill Holden, is what I'm really saying

A long thing about Twitter, with random photos added. Oddly, after such a short time, much of it would apply to Google+.

My first long bit of blather about Bill Holden

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