there is no answer
inside my head, outside of yours, part one

attached to yesterday

an old favorite I dragged out of the writing closet this morning.

things i want to notice...

do you ever run your fingers up through your hair while you're thinking?
does your smile start at one corner and spread across                   
like the sun slowly revealed behind moving clouds,                    
or does it break open all of a sudden in a flash-flood grin?
do your eyes flash,                    
do you tilt your head to the side or throw it back                   
or tip it forward in shy laughter?
how do you grip a pen? i think i know;                    
i think you hold it close to the point and curl your hand around it,                   
anchoring it to the page.                    
i see quick little movements, 
controlled scribbling, conscious effort at all times. i'd like to see the way your shoulders shift up and back as you run, follow the contract-and-release rhythm of those well-defined hamstrings, and when you've exhausted yourself after a sprint, hands on knees, labored breathing, sweat dripping from your chin, ears, lower lip-- i'd like to taste the salt of your effort on my tongue.