the harvest season, part one
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the harvest season, part two

Here's a poblano pepper. I gave away 4 last week, and now 4 more will be ready to use by this weekend. I haven't decided what I'll do with them. Before last week, I'd have said this is all I'm getting from the two plants. But after the rain, more blossoms appeared. :-) 2012-08-02 13.14.17

This Swiss chard has been a miracle! First, I planted two each in cheap potting soil in pots. They grew, but then they didn't grow more. I cut some, they grew back, but only a little. I transplanted them to this area in the horriblest heat after removing the lettuce, and they stayed inert for several weeks, but I was loathe to remove them. They were at least pretty. Then suddenly, before it even rained, they started growing again, so I cut them, and now they keep coming back, just like regular. 2012-08-02 13.17.39

These are also miracle plants. I bought a 6 pack of banana peppers on clearance for a dollar. They'd hardly grown and yet were producing little tiny peppers. I put 2 in the ground, 2 in the pot, and the other 2, well, they didn't make it. The ones in this pot, the peppers didn't grow, so I picked them when they turned red, and that was that. The ones in the ground took forever, but finally started growing, and so far I've gotten 5 nearly-normal sized banana peppers from them. And now suddenly, these 2 are producing again. :-) 2012-08-02 13.16.56

 A third "miracle!" This patio tomato plant produced 4 good tomatoes at the end of May and beginning of June. And that was that. It was okay; my Early Girl and Tiny Tom plants went wild and produced tons of good fruit starting in the middle of June. They've slowed down now but there are still quite a few more. But now, after over a month of rest, this thing has produced a couple new tomatoes. 2012-08-02 13.16.33

This is lemon verbena. I always have some on a deck or patio where I live. It's hard to keep year round because you have to bring it in at just the right time, but I think I'll succeed with this one. I just cut it back today, and will do it once more in a couple weeks, then leave it out until the nights turn cool.  2012-08-02 13.16.41

I'm going to keep sharing more like this during the harvest season until I decide what sort of theme or plan I might use for a gardening blog. I want it to feel like something you'd want to hug or have tea with and laugh with, you know?