My Bi-Weekly Cincinnati Outing: Report #2
I said it (all) before but it bears repeating now

2012 Movies and Me

(Edited to add a few links, proper blog-style)

Last year around this time I made a list of movies I wished to see during the year. I saw maybe 1/2 of them, plus a few others. 

Do I ever talk about how much I love movies? I really, really do. But in my own way. I do not love Citizen Kane, Casablanca, or From Here to Eternity, though I think they're all quite good. I never saw The Godfather or Bull Durham or The Deerhunter or Titanic. I adore Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Awful Truth, and Network. And Amadeus. I watch An American in Paris nearly every month. And so. 

2012 movies I saw, ratings A, B, C based only on how much I liked it, not how good I thought it was, except A+; I thought those were the best. I could write love letters to those two movies, and I just might do that sometime.

This Means War C
The Secret World of Arrietty B
The Pirates! Band of Misfits C
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen A
The Raven B
The Avengers A
Men in Black III B
Moonrise Kingdom A+
The Amazing Spider-Man B
The Dark Knight Rises A
Skyfall A
Quartet A
Amour A+

I also saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in January, but that was actually released in 2011. Where I live now…sigh. I liked it a lot.

2012 Movies I still want to get to asap: most of which were on last year's want-to-see list. I hope to do better with 2013's list, which I'll share next week sometime perhaps, but some of them take extra time to turn up here in the middle of the country. 

A Royal Affair
Monsieur Lazhar
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  (listed as 2011)
To Rome With Love
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Hotel Transylvania
The Oranges
Wreck-It Ralph

Yesterday I saw previews for Brooklyn Castle and West of Memphis; I'd like to see both of those. And I'm looking forward to (finally) seeing The Flat next month. They also keep showing previews for On the Road. It looks good but not my kind of thing. You see from these lists I like quiet movies, quietly silly movies, and superheroes, pretty much. There's a certain kind of grittiness I work to avoid, with just a few exceptions.