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2012 Movies and Me

My Bi-Weekly Cincinnati Outing: Report #2

Two weeks ago for my date with myself, I spent a little time in an area called Mariemont. I will write less about it, less to say, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's date and hope to spend more time out there in the world. 

I spoke of the serendipity of finding Quartet the same time I learned we could see Rigoletto, which we did last week; at the same time I "discovered" my new love Jonas Kaufmann and next week we are seeing him do Parsifal.

So who knows what tomorrow holds? 

The Mariemont theatre is pretty nice, and also is being updated so it should be even nicer soon. Mariemontexterior

I had a cup of lemon zinger tea, made with one of those little cup machines, and cinnamon-glazed pecans. The theatre was filled with old people who all had Junior Mints, I think. Right? Pecans

After the movie, I went to the Dilly Deli, which is a big deal around there, and had a salad with roasted squash, goat cheese and more pecans! The dressing was perfect; light, not acidic, exactly the right amount and balance. Kindletable

Then I got a phone call saying my new glasses were in, so I drove way over to Costco to get them… Glassesmirror

and then, but I have no photos, the boys and I drove way up to Montgomery to have a Very Cincinnati Evening; pizza at Dewey's, ice cream for them at Graeter's, and then we saw Identity Thief in a big newish multiplex. It was way more entertaining than I expected. Forgettable, but enjoyable. 

Last Friday night, the man still hadn't seen Quartet even though I ordered him to before we went to Rigoletto, so we went to Mariemont and had a very nice dinner at The National Exemplar, 20130215_185732
and then saw the film. And then Rigoletto the next day, which was really fun. On Sunday evening we played Facts in Five, 70s edition, and that's related as well, but needs a separate post.

It's been an unusually busy month, even though I have not felt well for any of it. February and March are my toughest asthma months. This year is far worse than last. I am so tired of licorice root tea.

This week I've been redevoting myself to recordings of "Waters of March." Here's a fun one.

Waters Of March—Akiko + Corinne Drewery