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Golden Boy

These are clippings from Photoplay in the latter half of 1939. I think the first few are from August, then, as it was released in October, it was much discussed in the October issue and reviewed in the November one. The original owner of this set tore out quite a few pages and parts of pages, but it affected this topic less than a couple others I want to group together.

So Golden Boy (watch at YouTube) was William Holden's first role, and it's not apocryphal that he hung onto it because Barbara Stanwyck went to bat for him and also helped him learn how to act in a movie. But then praise for his performance followed, and he was considered someone from whom great things were expected. The film is now hopelessly dated, Lee J. Cobb's performance in particular, yet at the time it was thought to be a worthy adaptation of the play by Clifford Odet.
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