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Julius Caesar fangirls...

 Brutus is utterly dreamy! Brutus
I like Mark Antony better. He gives much better speeches.

But Brutus's voice is better. It's so manly.

He's not very manly when he sees Caesar's ghost.

Yes, he is, just hear how he growls, "Well, then I shall see thee again!" Brutuswithghost
Mark Antony would have stood right up to him!

Mark Antony would have tried to kiss him.


But it's true. He would have been all over that ghost, putting his tongue in all his wounds.

You are disgusting, and besides that is not what he meant.

Well, what about Cassius?


Not that old! Not really older than Brutus, anyway. And he has really good hair. Cassiusbrutus
That is totally a wig, you can tell when he falls down dead.

He had nice eyes, though.

I guess so. You like the old ones, anyway.

Not that old!

Much older than Mark Antony, though.

Mark Antony is younger than Brutus, but Brutus has a better body.

How can you tell?

Why do you think Mark Antony kept wearing robes while everyone else was wearing armor? Smugantony
Maybe. He wears it later on. And also, he's practically the only one who doesn't die, so he wins in the end. Marcantony
He didn't actually win. That is the whole point of the movie. Weren't you paying any attention at all?

Not really. I already read the play in 8th grade, so I knew how it ended. Caesarantonycalpurnia