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Sun Valley Serenade: A Jitterbug Refugee on the Homefront

Okay, Sonje Henie was hardly a jitterbug. But she did play a war refugee in this movie, which is mainly worth watching for the winter scenery and great Glenn Miller performances, with a cool segment from the Nicholas Brothers folded into the Academy Award-nominated song, "Chattanooga Choo Choo." First there's a long instrumental section, then vocals by Tex Beneke and the Modernaires, featuring Paula Kelly. And at five minutes, it switches to Dorothy Dandridge singing while the Nicholas Brothers sing and dance alongside her, then take off and do their thing.

I just love this particular performance of "In the Mood," myself. It's just so...and so how did their tiresome children turn out the way they did?

Sun Valley Serenade was released just a few weeks before Pearl Harbor happened, so the young men are still in dinner jackets instead of uniforms. Milton Berle shows off his new nose, Sonja skates, it's all lovely fluff to look at and admire. Here's a review from Photoplay.