has the dam broken open? also, a French TV show.
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Faire votre connaissance

That's what was running through my mind over and over again when I awoke after some silly dreams; typical dreams for me, wherein very interesting things are just about to happen, and then are inexplicably and interminably delayed.

Then suddenly this song was in my head. I've never been a great fan of it, but it has lasted, hasn't it?


As I was turning on the lights in my little plant box, I was thinking about that, and of course the name Mungo Jerry came to mind, and before one of my kids could say, "Bob's my uncle," Mun-go Jerrie-and-Rum-ple-Tea-zer came wandering into my brain.


I haven't written about Werther yet, because he might be right; it's the best one we've seen. In a way.

But it always comes back to Frank, and I expect he plans to sing this song to me all morning.  


This weekend I hope to see two movies; The Wind Rises and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and I hope to shore up the plastic greenhouse so I can put a heater in it and start using it, and I hope to make a little marmalade and also write down more stuff and work on my quilt. We'll just see about all that.

Mais, d'apprendre à me connaître dans le matin nécessite de l'energie, n'est ce pas? Only when the sun is shining...