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Opera, relevance, art, censorship

I rarely cry "censorship." But I will in this case, because I believe the pressure that led to this decision is causing exactly that. Here are posts I made in other spots, with their links, collated in this spot.

Met Opera Cancels Simulcast of Klinghoffer. This is disappointing and alarming. I think the following comment excerpt says it best,

The suggestion that composer John Adams and librettist Alice Goodman have in essence written an anti-Semitic opera is profoundly libellous. Furthermore, their critics are trying to silence them without letting others judge. The excuses made by those involved in cancelling the simulcasts ("I don't believe this is anti-Semitic, but it could inflame anti-Semitism") are illogical, hypocritical and craven. Thanks, Metropolitan Opera, for making sure I can't see an opera because three people and some rich donors don't want me to.

I like what I've heard of John Adams' work so far (it is "different,") and was looking forward to seeing something contemporary and challenging this fall.

The Death of Klinghoffer: if John Adams's opera isn't antisemitic, how can it fan antisemitism?

Here on the east side of Cincinnati, me and the twenty old people who attend these things are being done a disservice, for an illogical purpose that sure sounds like it must have money talking behind it. Not our $22.50 apiece, though.

Here's a 2012 interview with the librettist.

And a review of the 2012 London production.