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2014 road trip photolog day two: hanging out in Princeton

That was September 12. This is photo heavy, and there is no jump. Also, some of the pictures of pictures are purposely not great. Anyway, we went to Small World Coffee, to check out the daughter's art exhibit and also have proper coffee, then we had a look at the cemetery, because I always do, and Princeton Record Exchange, then lunch at Agricola on Witherspoon, a cool exhibit at the art museum, then a rest before the lovely young woman and I drove to Philadelphia to see Pinback at Union Transfer.

Smallworld Acryliconglass
AcryliconglassThis one is my favorite.

HahnjrI always think they look like they're having a meeting.

Koppscycle This is Kopp's Cycle, the oldest bike shop in America.

CornedbeeflocalAt Agricola, on Witherspoon St. They use local ingredients, and are very into fermentation right now.

MehekIt always smells like heaven, walking past here.

StamoscardIf I'd known this would be so hard to find online, I'd have gotten a photo of it. There are several others with Sentinel in the title, but they are not this one.

Tworkov1960bondThis is Bond, by Jack Tworkov, 1960. Click on it to learn about the exhibit we saw.

DekooningcardClicking on this will take you to a better image than I could take in there. Mainly, I was snapping these cards and images so I could look them up later.


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.29.23 AM
I was sort of transformed when I saw this and read about it.

UniontransferClick on this image for a video.