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Preparing space for NaNoWriMo and winter

Recently, I cleaned my closet well, repainted the bedroom, gave away more books, etc. to be comfortable and ready for winter. Time to do something about the little creative space, but it doesn't really get to be "attractive." The way I use it gives it a very utilitarian look, and so what I need to do is just make sure it feels nice to be in, which is a bit of a trick. I like for my surroundings to look and feel finished. This room is a tough case.

So I took a panoramic set of photos, and then a second lower view, to share and to reflect on. It might get me inspired, and it might inspire someone else.










Some Notes:

1. That print is dead level, and was in fact hung with the use of a level. The phone camera lens is another matter.

2. Clearly, I have more space than I need. This will not always be the case, and I am mentally prepared for that, as I must be. Chances are, you have less space. But even if you're just carving out a corner for yourself, do it for yourself; make it your oasis, however tiny, from the energy-sucking hot desert of a busy day.

3. And—it's fine if you think you prefer chaos, but there's a method to making that work for you as opposed to just having kind of an unified unholy mess. Think about why you have a lot of things surrounding you, what you're really getting from it. The answer might teach you something about what you truly need. If it does, do something about that right now. If you need help with it, ask me or a friend or the web.