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Blather Report: dull weather, getting inspired.

This was meant to be about music, whoops.

Once again, predictions of weather have proved false. This time, a few days ago, it was 1-3 inches of snow. Then it changed to freezing rain starting yesterday evening.

No ice is to be found this morning. It's sort of vaguely damp. Now they say it will rain all afternoon. I suppose I can see that occurring. It might seem like an odd thing to desire, but we need a bit of bad weather. There's a tension built up that has no release.

The sky over Lunken Airport just holds its breath for awhile, then slowly releases only enough to take more in. November had half the usual rainfall and almost a half inch of snow. December had normal rainfall and no snow. January, slightly more than half usual rainfall and and almost a half inch of snow.

You know how everywhere you go, people will say, "if you don't like the weather here, just wait an hour/day/whatever?" I've never been or lived in a place that didn't say that. When I visit a new one and hear that, all I can think is, "Sure thing, champ. (Go spend some time in Kansas City and get back to me.")

But I have lived on this latitude for over 40 years of my life. And Cincinnati by far, has had the dullest weather of any four season place I know. My point of view is that if it does have to be cold, it might as well be interesting some of the time. Actually, one year it was absurdly warm in the middle of winter. One year it was absurdly cold early on. One year there was a somewhat sizeable amount of snow. Shortly before I got here it rained an awful lot and Newtown was basically underwater all spring. And yet it still feels like winter here is just Nature in a holding pattern.

I suppose that's because I grew up in Kansas City, see remark above; I think it's where types of weather go for test runs, and spent a lot of time in New Jersey, where thunderstorms are largely uninteresting, but they do have quite a lot of torrential rain and also dog-happy quantities of snow every couple of years. Mostly what I remember about living in Michigan was that it would snow a lot, be cold all spring, and then you could grow everything anyone can think of throughout summer and early autumn.

My daughter is enjoying her first winter in Maine, but she says it would be nice to have something of a break between snow days. I think they usually do, though. And, um, she says "Go Pats!" for whatever that's worth. It's a good attitude, anyway. Wherever you are, be all there. So here I am in dull weather Cincinnati, filling out my symphony subscription form for next season, looking forward to seeing the Cincinnati Opera do Il trovatore in June, excited for the spring opening of Plants by Wolfangel, only two more months...

It's time to start seedlings.