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About your social media medical degree...

I can't tolerate prescription pain reliever or strong anesthesia, but have never had the least trouble digesting any food. So when people say, "That item of food is bad for you, etc., you must never eat it," it really irks me.

When someone carries on about having been prescribed "the good drugs," which are absolutely bad for me, I do not tell that person not to take them because bad for me = bad for everyone. Wouldn't that be a very silly thing for me to do?


There are some people in this world with a serious illness caused by certain enzymes in foods. I take their needs and concerns very, very seriously. But I do not have time for anybody who says gluten turns to glue in your stomach, or tells me what I should eat because of an article they read in HuffPo three years ago.

As for my own concerns, I do not believe that red meat is bad for people in general, though I share the idea that we should eat it from as healthful a source as possible. For me, it will be best to mostly eliminate it from my diet, partly as a compensation for enjoying a little cream in my coffee, and partly because the best way for me to add in more of something I need is to subtract something else I don't need. And if I'm limited to 12-13 grams of saturated fat per day, I'd rather have it from dairy than meat. DSC_3520

I've never been a big meat eater. When I was a child, I could hardly bear ground meat, and I found the rest of it annoying to chew. As an adult, I prefer my beef tartare or tataki-style. It would be much more difficult to give up Genoa salami (which rarely has veal in it these days,) though I can easily live without ever eating another hamburger or cooked steak. I've been counseled by a paid professional to have no more than two servings of salami (or ham, etc.) per week, but I know what she really meant was, "if you must." So I'll think of it as a treat only. DSC_3688

A medication I am currently taking requires me to consider the sugar question much more carefully, and thus, alcohol, as well. I can retain my two cocktail a week habit only if I make sure to eat well and monitor my sugar usage. IMG_0002

I do not drink sweetened soda or tea, but will sweeten a morning mug of coffee unless I am having espresso and cream made by an expert. That's something to consider. And I have an exaggerated relationship with cookies (something like being perpetually 19 with a cute boyfriend with a motorcycle)


but I keep lightly sweetened biscotti around to enjoy occasionally when I make dessert for the boys, or am enjoying a long slow Sunday morning (see above.) I love steel-cut oats in the evening, but will learn to enjoy that with fruit instead of honey.

The point is, we have our own personal balances to maintain, and they are not subject to hashtag keyword seasonal facts in possession of a lofty notion collector. They are subject only to our own understanding of our own bodies, and information from our own medical tests and consultations.

tl;dr: Don’t assume an air of authority and/or make concrete pronouncements to an INTP, or to anyone else if that person is nearby, or how about just don't at all? myob.

PS: I'm not into the label thing most times, but never have I read such a complete and accurate description of my basic personality as at the site linked in the previous sentence. I don't know if people possessing the other types think they nailed it so completely for them, all sorts of variables in play, but if that sort of thing interests you, maybe take the test and see if it's so. And if you read through the INTP one or at least a lot of it, you will know me to a fairly scary degree.