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A Ship on the Ohio

The View From 50

My various attempts at blogging from January 17, 2003—September 11, 2015 are now stored here. There are 1371 posts. I estimate at least 1250 are readable, though many of the images from the first few years are not available, as I moved a lot and was forever changing storage locations until we no longer had to do it that way. I had very little reliable backup in those days. 

Then at one point I followed the host’s directions for transferring them to a new page, and lost some material, so only previews of a number of posts from 2009 were retained. Or do I mean 2007? Anyway. From September 2010 forward, it’s all been up to date in Kansas City, as somebody or other used to say, and most of the old stuff is still there, laughing at me from the silly young age of 37. I won’t laugh back. I pat 37 on the head and smile
People like colors and movement! So apropos of almost nothing...