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30 in 31: day 23: keeping Christmas

These are five favorite Christmas posts that are still relevant in some way. This means you'd have to click on five separate things to enjoy this post, but I'd feel pretty good about it if you did.

First, my thoughts on why we celebrate, why it's okay to be reverant as it suits you. This one falls into the 2009 gap when I was transferring from Vox to Typepad, so the formatting is different and an important link is dead. If I can clean it up later today, I will, because it's important to me.

Next, three from 2010. I was just getting over a long bout with bronchitis, and making the most of it.

  1. I read this essay at the Daily Mail in which this woman was whining about how Christmas wasn't awesome anymore because it was no longer gold-plated in her life, and so I set about responding to her various points.
  2. I made a Christmas song playlist for my dad, and all the songs are downloadable, if for some crazy reason you should want them.
  3.  A Christmas greeting from Kairos, who was with us for about two more years after this.

Finally, from last year, Deconstructing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" Correctly. I think this was my most popular post ever. It has music in it as well as a lot of words.