30 in 31: day 26: cocktail hour
30 in 31: day 28: I forgot what I was going to name this

30 in 31: day 27: 5-7-5

I feel quite lazy. I wrote a haiku, and thought I'd write a few more, then changed my mind and dug up some from the past couple of years. So tonight's list is one new haiku and five old ones. I'm not saying they're good ones.

ice beneath bare feet
endless rain has dulled recall
winter springs a leak

Careworn vessel
crafted with purpose in mind
Yet seeks to be filled

Cloudless afternoon
Summer breeze meets Autumn light
Flowers in my tea

White shoes in summer
sipping iced tea on the lawn
time to play croquet

False compass reading
Magnetic inclination
looping endlessly

Biscotto my love
your crunchy almond goodness
makes me hum and sigh