30 in 31: day ten: some good books I read
30 in 31: day twelve: about Christmas films on TV

30 in 31: day eleven: stuff I enjoyed eating this year

Here are seven things I enjoyed eating this year, and three from before this year, because I was in the mood for ten.

20140807_134356_16136932841_oI had these tacos last year. I was in the middle of Southern Ohio somewhere.

20151029_182348_21963946073_oHere's some fettucine I enjoyed. I don't remember everything I put in it, but I know it was good because I put it in one of my square bowls.

8781854253_fce68319ca_oThis is some kind of bruschetta I had at a restaurant in Montgomery in 2013, at least, I was on Montgomery Road, and I don't know whether that part is called Kenwood, just east of the odd shopping center with the big Half Price Books store.

Crispy-skin-walleye_17267817522_oI had this tasty walleye at a restaurant near OTR last spring. It was on a corner, and I will remember the name pretty soon and add it here. They had fun odd cocktails.

Dsc_2806_18314043834_oThis is steak tartare and ceviche at my favorite (probably) restaurant, a block from Music Hall on the other side of Washington Park. They were both very good, and we had good cocktails that night, I might edit and add that photo.

Dsc_3688_21097458421_oThis is a delicious sandwich I made recently. Basically, I guess I like meat to be either cured or raw or for it to be seafood.

Dsc_3891_21007315064_oHere's some good stuff I made; pita chips, white bean dip, and bruschetta.

Dsc_4017_21709493240_oI don't remember everything on this pizza. I see red onions, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato bruschetta (from a little jar,) and probably goat cheese.

Noodle-lunch_16088860981_oFrom 2014: udon noodles with hard-cooked egg, homegrown snow peas, chili-garlic sauce.

Spaghetti-with-sauteed-vegetables-and-eggs_17031137747_oSpaghetti and eggs! My favorite lunch except for the photo above and probably a couple other photos above. This time it had leftover roasted vegetables, as well.