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I feel like being silly. So likely there'll be a part two and three. Which means (at least) thirty-two rather than thirty, but whatever.

Anyway. A couple weeks ago or more, I saw an article with ten actors over fifty who are still sexy. And I super hated their list. It was just pandering to a crowd I'm not part of, and also wrong and weird.

Only maybe Pierce Brosnan was on it? And if so, they were only 90% wrong. More on that in another post. Back to this one. Pierce Brosnan was oddly perfect-looking in the eighties, kind of like a doll? And that wasn't his fault, of course, but it wasn't my thing even then when I was a rather younger person, no matter how well he wore a suit.

He got better and better, and now at 62, is still a rather fine fellow to view, extra real estate around the middle or no. I wanted some pictures of him that would be funny, or sort of beaten up, etc., but his Bond never really got it in the face the way Craig's does. Also, a super annoying thing was I kept running into headlines about how he married a fat woman. Only instead of stating either a) obviously this basically fulfilled a fantasy many ordinary women have about a super handsome man desiring them, or b) look, here is a reality where people marry each other for reasons other than how well they fit an image, they seemed to imply this was weird and not a good thing.

But I digress. None of that matters in regard to the following images. Here are eight past times Pierce Brosnan was sexy and one time he was...not. I have, for the sake of us all, not included the time he tried to sing in a movie. It was endearingly awful, but need not be stuck in anyone's head on a rough day.





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