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30 in 31: day twelve: about Christmas films on TV

You thought it would be Sinatra, didn't you? But you can see all that here.

Here are four currently rotating TV Christmas movies I watch and rewatch, and one that is my current arch-nemesis. I might do another list later on of specifically high quality ones. This is not that list. All of these will be on TV several times this month.

A Golden Christmas (ION, 2009) please ignore the reviews. For all of them. Reviewers have little business reviewing TV Christmas movies. Sure, this isn't a great movie, but that doesn't stop me from watching it every year. I watch it hoping poor Nicholas Brendon will pull himself together for good and also because of the dogs. And it's sweet.

The Road To Christmas (Lifetime, 2006) starring adorable husband-and-wife team Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg. This is when I discovered Clark Gregg. I admire him. Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart  It's the kind in which she's irritable and high-maintenance and he's laid back and cool and they learn to love each other. Frankly, I think it's the best one of that sub-genre, despite what I said before about the quality of this list. Don't go reading the details, it'll ruin the fun. I think this one is on Hulu.

A Princess For Christmas (Hallmark, 2011) one of the best in the "becoming Royal" at Christmas time sub-genre. Yes, that's a thing. It has people in it you can care about, and the disagreeable ones are enough cartoony to not matter. Plus, Roger Moore is in it.

Love at the Christmas Table  (Lifetime, 2012) is a very funny movie that is fun from beginning to end, with just enough plot to keep it going. It stars Danica McKellar, which you know if you already clicked on the link, and who should be in more of these things. She's in a new decent one with Rupert Penry-Jones, called Crown for Christmas, which will go on my rewatch list for next year. I think this is also on Hulu.

That brings us to last year's Teri Polo entry which I saw half of last night, A Christmas Shepherd. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Hate. Seven of the eight people who've reviewed it on IMdB at least partially agree with me. I can't talk about it. Ugh. The review called ridiculous premise says most of what I can't anger-type, except he leaves out the fact that I'm sure they all end up together. I wrote my own idea for an ending, instead:

Merry Christmas!