30 in 31: day nineteen: excerpts from a paper life
Not kidding about LCARS

30 in 31: day twenty: grab bag

As I am typing, I do not know what will appear below. I have the final week of December planned, and a list to go by for a few other days. But today, for two disparate reasons, I have no plan. Yet, I am a regimented person when it comes to the least essential aspects of life, and so I felt compelled to post something.

Having had a look through the LCARS Annex, I've come up with photos of Young Robert Montgomery. Tomorrow's entry will be filled with import and meaning, I'm sure...

PrivatelivesWith Norma Shearer

Strangersmaykiss.Also with Norma Shearer

Tallulah1With Tallulah Bankhead

ThedivorceeNorma Shearer again. That tart.

JunebrideIn the following decade, with Bette Davis.