Sehr langsam und noch zurückhaltend, or not, I guess, whichever.
I have no ready explanation for this.

Goodbye, Hancock, it's been nice to know you

You might have seen me lamenting the imminent closure of Hancock Fabrics. It sounds funny, I suppose, but I just love that store and will miss it a whole lot. Like Border’s, but maybe more.

I’ve lived near a good one for nearly five years, but have visited it at least a couple times a month for the past fifteen months as I worked to keep my brain busy and productive during a hard winter, then discovered I now possess a new love for an old art. First I reintroduced myself to embroidery, and made a crazy quilt entirely by hand. Then I mostly finished another one, and then I got a sewing machine. I didn’t buy it there, but I did buy everything I use with it there, as a grand birthday treat. Notions
They introduced me to Mary Ellen’s Best Press, and allowed me to let my imagination loose with their Spot the Bolt sales. I got a lot of very inexpensive past season half and whole yards that way, and commenced to learning how to sew with a machine (properly; I could at least run one before,) in June. Each Saturday last summer I taught myself something new. I made a bag and an apron for my daughter, and a baby quilt for an online friend, and then more bags and aprons and quilts, and blocks to embroider, to save for later, to turn into something new. Saturdayclass
Hancock mattered because it’s just past my neighborhood in the shopping center with my main Kroger, and it felt like a comfortable place to drive to and spend time in. There are two other places to buy sewing needs just a little farther away, but they don’t feel like home, they aren’t convenient, and I don’t have any sense of excitement about going to them. For me, shopping at Cherry Grove Hancock Fabrics was like buying paints or candies. Some of the employees were always cheerful, and a couple often were not, but I enjoyed getting them to open up and laugh.

It’s not at all the greatest store, just pretty good, but I’m going to miss it. I was taking stock of my fabric this morning, some of which I bought yesterday during one final visit. And I realized there was some symbiosis to it all that I’ll have to find or not find somewhere else. It’s okay for you to think I’m eccentric in this regard; I probably am. But I’m sure there are a few other people who feel the same way. Pinkbag
If you've looked at my domestic arts blog or Google Plus posts, you've seen some of these projects among others, but I gathered a few here for a little tribute to the hours (and dollars) I spent at Hancock, trying to make frugal conscientious choices and also just wandering around learning about everything available and discovering what I might use it for. And there are some more projects I gave away, because when I feel really successful, I am excited to share it with someone. Handquilt