It was a really long day
Regarding Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches

The Prime of Life

I kept thinking of things to post and then not posting them. And I thought that once I'd reached 50, there was no need or use for a birthday countdown, but I've had a lot of fun doing them, so who knows? Maybe I will again next year. You can see many of them here and I think I sort of forgot to tag them last year, because last year was dumb, but whatever. There are also a few other June 4 ones. It's my eccentric amusement that might not amuse anyone else, but if it does, yay for that.

So, 51, not exactly an interesting number, but I kept thinking about 17, and 3, and so of course 9, and I had some math planned, only then I remembered quite a lot of my friends online don't actually do math...

And I have been having "compilation shuffle" weekend on the iPod, and thought to share a lot of what that turned up, only I'm sort of tired now, because the weirdest thing has happened: I keep waking between 6 and 6:30 instead of 8, and so I get sleepy really early. I am typing this while sitting in bed, already in a nightgown after my evening shower. I have turned into Grandma Kelly, only with less TV and no poodle.

Thus, I am just going to regale you with photos of my day. Tomorrow I leave to spend several days in Kansas City, and I expect I'll have some stuff to say about that when I return.

DanishThis is a cheese danish I got for free because of how it's my birthday.

CheeseHere is some cheese at Jungle Jim's, with a funny sign in front of it.

SephoraswagThis is my free birthday gift from Sephora. I go to Sephora every year on my birthday and buy myself something and also they give me a thing.

CoffeeThese guys sold me super good iced cold brew coffee, at the Anderson Farm Market. I also got a few plants for the back garden where it's shady most of the day, but not all of it.

GiftsThese are the gifts I got me: three plants from the farm market, two new bird feeders, a lipstick and half-sized mascara from Sephora, foundation primer and CC cream from Mary Kay, and Bert and Ernie.

BertandernieHere are Bert and Ernie.

SnowconeI had a snow cone at Theron's baseball game.

RainIt rained a whole lot.

DinnerThis is what I ate for dinner. And there is Black Forest cake for maybe later on.

And here is a song, because of course there must always be a song. Please listen to it in honor of my presence in the universe. Thank you.